Saturday, December 27, 2008

Video: Dom Kennedy with live band + Pac Div and U-N-I @ Little Temple 12/23...

Watermellon Sundae

I missed dude's set the other night @ Little Temple for the 'Be Cool' event(the homies had me stuck ...), but I was able to hear it and I was caught off guard when the host came on stage and said Dom Kennedy and than all of a sudden the sound of a live band....well I always have said since I first heard the guy on Myspace that this guy was gonna be major if he ever got enough exposure...I had the same feeling when I first heard Kanye before 'College Dropout'... getting with a live band will mos definitely set him apart from the crowd...The other performances were coo..Pac Div was on stage for a couple of minutes and performed 'Mayor' which always gets the crowd right and U-N-I did their thing of course...Check out U-N-I and Dom tonight @ Echoplex along with Diz Gibran, Million $ Mano and more in Glendale....


C'est La Vie has flicks if you wanna glimpse of the night..

More Dom and catch video of the rehearsal + footage of U-N-I's performance on the other side

Notorious D.O.M

U-N-I - Hollywood Hiatus ...One of the dopest tracks this year...

live band rehearsal

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