Thursday, December 25, 2008

Complex Magazine 2008 Style Awards

Complex Magazine released their 2008 Style Awards and here is a quik rundown of the results...

Brand of the Year: Public School(the guys that used to be behind Sean John)

Celebrity Trendsetter Of The Year: Kanye West<---No Comment

Designer Of The Year: Richard Chai

Crossover Artist Of The Year: KAWS<----Agreed

Sneaker Of The Year: Supra Skytops<----No f---ing way...

The explanation..

'Hov made the Gold Skytops pop off in Rihanna's "Umbrella" video, and ever since then, Supra has been laughing straight to the bank. Throughout the last year, Chad Muska's high-cut silhouette was seen on everyone from Lil Wayne and Pete Wentz to Lohan's gal-pal Samantha Ronson. Besides the heavy celebrity endorsement, consistent solid colorways like the red patents, wheat timberland takedowns, and the black/white TUF edition made Skytops the obvious choice for the year's #1 sneaker. Whether you love or hate these eye-catching moonboots, there's no denying that they ran 2008.'

Celebrity endorsement = relevance Complex Mag....

Breakout Brand Of The Year: The HUNDREDS<--Probably..Maybe breakout streetwear brand

Denim Brand Of The Year: Levi's Original

Outerwear Brand of The Year: Moncler<---Not sure about that one...dope vests though

Sportswear Brand Of The Year: Nike Sportswear

Sneaker Shoe Of The Year: Common Projects Achilles Heel

Skate Brand of The Year: Lakai<---Agreed

Best Sneaker Technology: Nike Flywire

Best Accessory Brand: Incase<---Agreeed

Best Watch Brand: G-Shock<---Most popular maybe..

Best Watch Brand We Can't Afford: Hublot

Eyewear Brand of The Year: Moscot

Store Of The Year: Odin

Wardrobe Essential Of The Year: Plaid Flannel Shirts<--tell me about it*eyes rolling*

Color Of The Year: Gray <---I rocked the sh-- outta gray this year

Best Sneaker Collabo: Vans x Proper <----Yup...Got that one right

Best Apparel Collabo: Collette x GAP

Pretty much couldn't of called it better myself...My list would be different in a few different fields...but I'll roll with this list for 08'....pretty good