Sunday, December 7, 2008

Charles Hamilton in Studio with the Neptunes

convo beind the pic:

Pharrell: “I’m tellin you! If you cut your hair, you gon feel like a new man! And the women?! THE WOMEN!!!! They gon love you, n1gga!!!!!”

Charles: “I LOVE my hair… and they love pulling it…”

Pharrell: “I feel you… but nigga. Listen to me. Trust MEEEEEE…”

source: Nah Right and Karen Civil

Its finally happening Charles Hamilton (Sonic Hamilton) is in the studio with Billion $ P and Chad to work on an lp. After signing to the Neptunes imprint Star Trak several months ago mixtapes have been released but no sign of an lp.

can't wait to see what they come up with.

CH after the Pharrell conversation and an intro to 'Sonic' Hamilton on the other side..

and Sonic after the conversation with P....

get em'

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